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T Slot / 80-20 Aluminium | Canada

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IPEC Automation knows how to anticipate the needs of its clients. In line with this, the company has a full stock of ready-made parts like T-slot extrusions, enclosures, packaging systems, machine guards, racks, tube mounts, frames, and partitions. All of these parts went through a complicated creation process, streamlined by IPEC's proper logistic framework. So, if you need sturdy aluminium components for your business, IPEC will gladly work with you. Of course you also have the option to order finished products. Simply discuss the parameters with IPEC Automation and the company will assemble the product for you.

Aluminium Guarding & Enclosures

8020 Builds

8020 DIY

Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Mechanical & Accessories


To make things easier for all clients, IPEC has established three standard ways for ordering your aluminium components. These ways are Raw Material, Kit Form, and Assembled. For the Raw Material order, you'll get the aluminium supply in its base form. The Kit Form, on the other hand, allows you to order pre-set materials that you can assemble in any way you want. Last but not the least, the Assembled option lets you order finished projects. With these flexible ways of ordering, you can easily anticipate your business needs.





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 Aluminium is one of the most important components which contributed to the overall growth of industries. It is highly malleable but also durable enough to handle different weight levels. Currently, aluminium can be used in many important applications like transportation, construction, lighting, transmission lines, and industrial manufacturing. In order to transform Aluminium into workable parts, a lengthy process known as aluminium extrusion must take place.  

When it comes to professional aluminium extrusion, precision cutting, and assembly, IPEC Automation is the sole authority. Established in 1981, the company has already worked with thousands of clients and more each day. With years of experience, IPEC Automation has encountered all types of client requests. From pre-engineered kits to fully assembled workstations, IPEC approaches all projects with utmost seriousness and professionalism. IPEC Automation currently operates all over US and Canada.


If you need aluminium parts and materials integrated in your business, place your order today. IPEC Automation will quickly guide you throughout the process.
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