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IPEC was founded in 1981 and is located in Concord, a subsidiary of Vaughan, one of the fastest growing cites in Canada. Vaughan is located just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Although our location is in Southern Ontario we have customers from all over North America who find our service fast and dependable.

Everyday new automation products and designs are introduced. IPEC works closely with our valued manufactures to keep up with the newest technology and product changes to ensure our customers have access to the best products available. IPEC's facility is over 6000 square feet including facilities to test the products and also to supply our customers with in-house design, machining, and assembly of t-slot aluminum products. Our years in the industry as a top supplier of pneumatic-electronic &  mechanical products have given us first hand knowledge of what will work and what doesn't. Mistakes can be costly in both time and money so we invest our time and energy to ensure we get the project done right the first time.  We can recommend solutions that are both safe and affordable for your plant at your request.  

 IPEC is extremely proud of the fact that throughout the years most of our original customers remain loyal to us. They are confident in our ability to get the job done right, and they trust us with their automation needs. Our customers consist of several Magna plants, various Machine Builders, and virtually any company or person who manufacturers product.






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IPEC Automation has been around for over 35 years providing valuable service and knowledgable staff staying up to date on new and constantly updated products. We maintain inventory levels to meet cusotmer demand. Our facility is equipped with a pneumatic test desk if you are having trouble with a cylinder or valve and our machine shop allows us to prepare all aluminium extrusion jobs to perfection.

Our aluminium extrusion methodology is seamless. From actual order processing to the creation of extrusions, we always ensure that the quality of our work remains profound. We take pride in our selection of T-Slot aluminium extrusions. This extrusion part may be simple but it's crucial to the creation of more projects. The proper installation of T-Slot extrusions can also determine the integrity of the project that you want to finish. Some projects that you can make with our exceptional T-Slot pieces are workstations, show displays, conveyors, enclosures, punching machines, assembly stations, monitoring stations, frames, welding screens, and packaging stations. The number of projects will also increase based on the current improvements that we can apply.

At IPEC we value our customers and listen to and respect their needs and budget. IPEC's staff of service professionals are helpful and knowledgeable and trained with the right tools to provide solutions to all our customers factory automation needs.  
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If you need aluminium parts and materials integrated in your business, place your order today. IPEC Automation will quickly guide you throughout the process.
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