IPEC handles everything from the simple type actuator, guided or non-guided, to the more complicated multi-axis systems controlled by one controller with easy to use software. Should you need Actuators that are Pneumatic or Hydraulic.


timing beltdrive
Timing Beltdrive Features Unit includes:
· Closed loop geared or standard servo motor
· External servo amplifier and control
· Timing belt linear actuation mechanism 
· Aluminium extrusion housing
· Positioning table and slider mounting slots with nuts
SMC Electric Actuators: 
When infinite control is required you need to discover our complete range of SMC electric actuators. They are engineered to tackle the most complicated control situations, and are supplied with all the components and software to make the integration easy.
Electric actuator
We have the controllers, cables, software, and any technical support that you may require to get your actuators operational. All of our controllers have excess I/O and can be programmed to control other functions.
LJ1 Series: 
This single axis unit has high rigidity linear guides and slider guides that can be ordered in various stroke lengths to meet your applications needs. These units can be used as multiples to create XYZ movement by utilizing multiple controllers.
LG1 Series:
Our low profile (55 mm) series is ideal for applications when space is a consideration. All of our electric actuators are ideal for precise positioning and can be used in conjunction with any of our pneumatic components to meet your automation requirements.
A Linear positioner that combines a precision ball screw and a specially designed linear guide into a compact, integrated system. Both mechanical and DC servo models are available.
Megatorque Motor:
Precise positioning and motion control for robots, indexers, automatic assembly and machining applications. A direct-drive rotary system with a gearless design means exceptional repeatability and acceleration with zero backlash.
Ball Screw Support Units: 
High quality supports for rolled and precision ball screws. Bore sizes range from 6 mm to 40 mm. Kits contain housing, bearings, seals and lock nuts.
Electric Rod Cylinders: 
Our complete range of electric actuated cylinders are ideal when you need precise positioning that cannot be accomplished with pneumatic cylinders. Ideal when you require feed back for part detection or controlled movement.





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