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Here at IPEC Automation, we value your time and curiosity. You're probably wondering how we handle huge volume of requests. The answer: a competitive logistic chain that's also scalable. Once an order is placed, our quick assessment process will extract all possible data points. After all, information is crucial to the successful delivery of an order. We also take more than one approach in finishing a project. Simply put, no request is too hard or impossible for our level of excellence.

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Check out our key products and services:

- Aluminium extrusion: As our flagship service since 1981, we've mastered all aspects of aluminium extrusion. We're not stuck with one conventional approach; rather, we always research the best ways to improve our aluminium extrusion processes.

- T-slot extrusions inventory: The T-slot extrusion is vital to any industrial project. Since many clients are requesting T-slot parts, we developed an extended service that keeps our inventory full. With the help of 80/20 aluminium in Canada, we've maintained a sizable collection of T-Slot profiles and accessories. 80/20 is also providing us with new profiles from time to time.

- In-house machining: With a dedicated in-house machining service, we can send you finished projects in the quickest time possible. 

- In-house custom design: As with in-house machining, our in-house custom design service will help you turn your business ideas into reality. 

- Durable industrial erectors: We currently offer aluminium industrial erector kits - perfect for any startup facility or establishment. Our erector kits are known for their durability with a fine touch of elegance.

- Commercial design solutions: IPEC Automation takes commercial planning and design seriously. Over the years, we mastered the proper strategies of commercial design solutions. If your office needs a design overhaul, we're always up to the task.

- Three ways to order: For your convenience, you can order in three ways - raw materials, kit form, and assembled. All of these order types are geared according to your business needs.
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If you need aluminium parts and materials integrated in your business, place your order today. IPEC Automation will quickly guide you throughout the process.
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