Let us help you create the safest working environment. Our wise range of products can make any workplace, especially manufacturing facilities, a safe and ergonomic environment. 

Machine guarding can be the perfect solution to keep employees safe. We can create a guard to suit your specific needs. 80/20 is a product that will support functionality.  Do you need a guard but still need to access a panel for maintenance or controls? Do you need locking door access or sections you can adjust vertically or horizontally. Contact us today to get started on your quote.

  • Aluminium Guarding 
  • Anti-Tie Downs
  • Electric  - no touch buttons 
  •                - light curtains
  •                - safety mats
  •                - lock outs 
  • electronic sensors
  • electromechanical switches
  • door interrupt systems
  • interface controllers 
  • Keyed safety switches
  • laser beam detector 
  • PVC coated wire\plexiglass inserts or barriers
  • Pneumatic  - light touch palms buttons
  •                       - quick dump valves 
  •                       - pressure switches  
  • Safety control modules
  • sensor edges and bumpers
  • workstations and much more   

Safety is not just about guarding. No touch buttons, light curtains, floor mats, safety edges, lock-outs, latches, sensors, relays, light touch push buttons, anti-tie downs, Electromechanical switches, door interrupt systems light beam detectors, pneumatic anti-tie downs, quick dumps, relief valves, pneumatic pressure switches, safetly control modules and more are available to complete the job. 

 - Sensing edges and bumpers should not be overlooked. Sensing edges can be an inexpensive solution to protecting personnel in areas where automated doors or gates create hazardous conditions.  They are ruggendly constructed and have excellent moisture and chemical resistance to ensure a long life in harsh environments. Their modular design allows for easy assembly, installation & replacement in the field. Manufactured to exact length & available in a selection of sensitivities, colours & configurations. 

Workplace accidents have serious consequences; personal, financial, and criminal.
If you have a safety issue call us for a quick solution.  





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